Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wait for the onion...........

I've been completely MIA, I know. I've been busy, busy, busy.

I went to Benihana to celebrate a friend's birthday the other night. I could do nothing but think of The Office Christmas episode where they go there, especially when our chef did the little onion volcano thing. Sadly, none of my friends knew what I was talking about when I quoted the show. I have lots of groups of friends, and these friends were my drinking, paryting, havoc wreaking friends. They are also the ones that know all my inner most secrets, identify with all my dumb boy problems, and they have pretty much the same body issues as me. Sadly though, they don't watch The Office, nor Flight of the Conchords. They also don't like to go antiqueing or to concerts. I love them anyway.

I had chicken and steak. I like meat. I didn't eat much of the rice, and I settled for a lemonade since it was a special occasion. Soda is almost completely out of my life at this point. Good news indeed.

I'm now at 270, so I've lost 3 pounds since my last update. Exciting!! Especially since I haven't been working out AT ALL and I haven't been eating very well. I was sure I gained.

I've also convinced one of my friends to go walking at the track with me. Most of the time I like working out on my own, but every once in a while I need someone else to keep me going. Tonight will be our first "excercise date". I'm hoping we can motivate each other as good as we can convince each other to do stupid things, like eat a whole box of Samoas.

They are evilly delicious.


  1. Great job on losing 3 pounds!

    And I love The Office and Flight of the Conchords. The ginger balls skit is so hysterical ;)

  2. I love the Office! By the way, your pic is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on your 3 pound weight loss, girl, enjoy it and may it keep you motivated for the next 3 :)~

  3. Yay! Fellow fans of The Office unite! When Dwight started yelling instructions across the table for how to kill a goose, I about died. LOVE IT!

    Benihana's is great if you're a meatlover, which I am. Mmm, now I wanna go there. Way to go on the loss!

  4. Great job on the -3!
    Cute pic!! I love the friend rice at benihana (sp?) so good job not eating it all! lol Oh, and good to see a post from ya!

    :) tj

  5. Kudos on the three pounds, missus. It's great when its not expected too. :D Seems like everyone is a busy busy bee this week. *nods* nice on the exercise date too, I do all my working out alone, I can't cajole any of my maties in to participating. BAH.

  6. I'm an Office fan also. My favorite Dwight episode was him trying to catch the bat with Meredith. Congrats on the 3 pound loss.

  7. Where are you?! Miss seeing your blogs around, hope all is well :)

  8. Great pic, what a motivator! Love FotC!

  9. im new to your blog
    just wanted to say hi