Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm Back!!!!!

Did you miss me?
Holy long time no blog Batman!!!

So, what have I been doing in the last year and so odd months?

Why, I've been GAINING 15 POUNDS!!!!
Ugh. Blech. Blah. Gah. Mmph. Glah. Tittieboozle.
This last year has been, horrible to say the least.

1st, the boy is an idiot. 2nd, I have a health scare. 3rd, I have a panic attack. 4th, the panic attack leads to an onset of generalized anxiety disorder with panic disorder and the Pure O form of OCD. 5th, I'm moving back home with the parents, and 6th, I may or may not now have POCS and I've been on a continuous period for 3 months. TMI? Perhaps, but that's okay. I'm an open book.

Life, will you PLEASE stop taking a big stinky dump all over me? Just for a second?

So I'm at 290 now, which is horrible and depressing. But, I'm not going to be at that weight for long. I'm going to do Weight Watchers again.....well actually I'm going to pretend I'm doing Weight Watchers. At this point in time I don't have the money to pay for the meetings and whatnot, but two wonderful ladies at my work are going and they've decided that we'll have our own weekly meeting after they go to their regular meeting. That sure is nice of them. We have a scale and everything in the office so I can even weigh in, and my boss will be monitoring so that's even more motivation to get this done.

The beginning of the year, like every year, I was MOTIVATED with a capital GUNG-HO to start my weight loss, then Panic Attack 2010 reared it's ugly little head and I was basically bed ridden for 3 months. Not really, but I sure wanted to be. Anxiety and panic run in my family, my mom and sister both have it, as do many aunts and cousins, but I was hoping I dodged the bullet. I didn't though. Sad day.

So I've been dealing with that nonsense, trying not to lose my mind. It's getting better though, and one good thing that came from it was I finally kicked my forever long soda habit. No more caffeine for me!!!

So I'm back to give this weight loss thing another try. Not a try, a do. Because I'm going to do it.


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