Friday, April 23, 2010


Today was my first Weight Watchers meeting, thus my first "official" weigh-in. From last week when I started online to the meeting today I'm down 7.8lbs!!!!!! I definitely was not expecting a number that high, it was a pleasant surprise for sure. Especially considering that I pigged out just a tad and used my extra points on Texas Roadhouse. Their rolls are evilly delicious.

I also celebrated this accomplishment today by PIGGING OUT on Sconecutter. Why? Because I was hungry of course. But more so, it sounds like my beloved Utah original fast food scone shop is going out of business. I just had to say goodbye.

I'm still within my points, so that's good. I'm just not up on all my healthy checks for the day. That's alright, tomorrow is another day. Today is not shot, it was fine. I stayed within my points, didn't go overboard, and I'm satisfied. I figure one "cheat" day a week is alright, and I hope that eventually I'll get to the point where I don't want to cheat and undo all the good I did.

7.8, that's so awesome!

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